Revised all-electric Audi e-tron launched in Europe

28 Nov, 2019 4:30pm Luke Wilkinson

Audi has released an updated version of its all-electric SUV, with 15 miles of extra range and an improved regenerative braking system

Audi has launched a technical update for its all-electric e-tron SUV that gives it an improved cooling system, a more efficient regenerative braking system and 15 miles of extra range. The German brand has also launched the entry-level e-tron 50 quattro variant in Europe, featuring a less powerful electric drivetrain and a smaller electric range.

The updated e-tron 55 quattro is on sale in Europe now, priced at €80,900 (roughly £70,000), which is the same as the pre-update model. The entry-level e-tron 50 quattro is also available for European customers to now, priced at €69,100 (around £59,000) for the standard SUV and €71,350 (roughly £61,000) for the Sportback variant.

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Audi has reworked the e-tron 55’s drivetrain, increasing the amount of accessible power its 95kWh battery pack can produce and introducing a range of efficiency tweaks for the SUV’s electric motors, such as disengaging the front motor when cruising. As such, the e-tron 55’s maximum range has increased from 255 miles to 270 miles.

Smaller cooling hoses and a range of modifications to the e-tron’s wiring also mean that the updated car’s cooling system doesn’t work as hard as the old model’s, while changes to the SUV’s regenerative braking system allows up to 220kW of energy to be recovered when under light braking situations from 62mph.

The entry-level e-tron 50 quattro sits below the 55 quattro in Audi’s line-up, with less performance, a smaller 71kWh battery pack and slower charge times. Its electric motors also produce lower power and torque figures of 308bhp and 540Nm, in comparison to the flagship model’s 402bhp and 664Nm.

As a result, the e-tron 50 quattro’s top speed is reduced to 118mph, while 0–62mph takes around a second longer at 6.8 seconds. Range for the standard e-tron SUV drops to 208 miles from the improved 55 quattro’s claimed 270 miles, although the e-tron 50 Sportback offers a claimed 215.6 miles thanks to its more streamlined body. These models should arrive in UK dealers in the first half of 2020.

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