If you can afford to run it, the Range Rover Sport is a hugely capable SUV which combines luxury, performance, and unbeaten off-road ability

We are big fans of the Range Rover Sport. It’s great to drive and fully lives up to its name with strong performance and size-defying handling prowess. The SVR is a genuine sports car on stilts, but even the SDV6 has ample power.

It’s as luxurious as you’d expect a big car wearing the Range Rover badge to be and though not cheap to buy, it’s such an accomplished and impressive machine that it still earns a full five-star rating. There’s little to fault and a lot to like: with owners telling us they’re equally delighted, we’re happy to recommend it.

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Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE

The Range Rover Sport was first introduced in 2005 as a sportier and more accessible alternative to the full-sized Range Rover. This move allowed the big Range Rover to move further upmarket, while the Sport competed with cars like the Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5

The current model, launched in 2013, is the second generation of Range Rover Sport. While the original model was based on the same platform as the Land Rover Discovery, and was massively heavy as a result, this model is all-aluminium and significantly lighter. That pays dividends on and off-road, and the Sport is an amazingly capable vehicle, given its size.

Land Rover sells the Range Rover Sport in a single five-door bodystyle, with this generation introducing the option of third-row seats in the rear. That makes this the first seven-seat Range Rover, as not even its bigger brother seats more than five. The arrival of a three-row version was partly in response to customer demand.

Range Rover Sport SVR review

The range is built around Land Rover’s best-selling engine, a 3.0-litre SDV6 turbodiesel. It’s joined by a 4.4-litre diesel, 2.0-litre, 3.0-litre and 5.0-litre petrols and a 2.0-litre petrol-electric plug-in hybrid.

Serious performance despite its size, a seriously capable drive that is sporty, comfortable and peerless off road
The V6 diesel isn’t bad on fuel economy, in contrast to the thirsty petrols. Running costs will still be high, though – it is a Range Rover, after all.
A wonderful interior, more than worthy of the Range Rover badge, that's packed with technology - although it's not quite latest-generation stuff
A roomy, well-planned interior is very comfortable and feel-good; the boot's flexible and handy too
Land Rover has a poor reputation for reliability, but the Range Rover Sport is disproving this. Safety is strong, too

Another intriguing addition to the range is the SVR version, using a more highly tuned version of the V8 petrol motor.

There are five trim levels to choose from: HSE, HSE Dynamic, HST and Autobiography Dynamic, the aforementioned SVR.

The Range Rover Sport takes on the X5, Cayenne, GLE and Q7, along with left-field offerings like the Maserati Levante.

Last updated: 
21 Aug, 2019