Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet revealed at Pebble Beach

20 Aug, 2017 9:10am Lawrence Allan

Mercedes removes the roof from its dramatic electric super coupe concept for Monterey Car Week

Mercedes is aiming to show up rival carmakers at this year’s Monterey Car Week with a roofless version of the Vision Maybach 6 luxury coupe concept. 

Said to “define the ultimate in luxury for the future” the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet features the same 5.7m long body, huge chrome slatted grille and sloping rear-end as the hard-top, but with a custom-made fabric top featuring interwoven rose gold threads. Bespoke 24-inch multi-spoke wheels also feature, while the rear shape is meant to replicate the deck of a luxury yacht.

Inside, the two-seat cockpit is covered in crystal white nappa leather, assembled by folding the hide in a diamond pattern and fastening it with a button – a technique used on Chesterfield sofas. An open-pore wood floor with aluminium inlays again hints at the yacht theme.

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The minimalist dash design features just three air vents and some dials, but all of the concept’s features can be controlled by a Concierge voice control system that understands more natural speech. Features are then displayed on two head-up displays on the windscreen, while blue fibre optics visualise the energy flow of the powertrain. Further tech includes biometric sensors are said to record the “state of mind” of the passengers. 

Like the hard-top concept, the Cabriolet is propelled by a 740bhp electric powertrain. Four compact electric motors across both axles allow all-wheel drive, while the 0-62mph time is said to be under four seconds. A range of over 200 miles is quoted, and a new DC charging system lets you top up the range by 60 miles in five minutes.

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