Volkswagen e-up! - best tax-free cars

Volkswagen e-up!
3 Apr, 2017 5:30pm

Our pick: e-up!
CO2: 0g/km
List price: £20,105

Unlike its larger VW Golf brother, the e-up! hides the weight of its batteries well, so you get the same precise turn-in and fine body control as on the regular up!.

On the outside, too, the EV version looks similar, with aerodynamic alloys and subtle badging the only giveaways, maintaining the styling design of its sibling. The 90-mile range is likely to force you to stick to the city in the e-up!, but that’s where it’s most at home with a soft ride and great regenerative braking software. If you want a 1.0-litre petrol up! instead, you’ll have to pay £140 VED in year one, the annual rate.

The high price makes and limited range ensures that the e-up! sits quite low on this list of tax-free vehicles, but if you can get a good finance deal on one then there’s no reason it won’t be the ideal ride for you.

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